Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Remember LtCol Max Galeai daily

Thanks!  My bracelet arrived today, just in time for Christmas.

The bracelet is great - super quality, with nice clear engraving.

I ordered this bracelet (LtCol Max Galeai, USMC KIA in Iraq) because Max was a good friend I'd served with twice before -- in Hawaii and Okinawa, Japan.  I'm also a USMC LtCol, and want to remember Max on a daily basis.  He left behind a wonderful wife and four kids.  He was blown up by a suicide bomber while meeting with a dozen tribal shieks in Al Anbar province - the ones who turned the tide in favor of good over evil. Max was a part of that effort.  They trusted him, and he they.  The terrorists trusted neither, and while they may have massacred a number of noble men (both American and  Iraqi), they were unable to kill the idea these men stood for.  Max died a hero, and I want to remember him daily for it.

(friend of Max)


joan galeai said...

Hi Paul,

That was very thoughtful of you. I am Max older sister Joan and i am in the process of preparation of his ONE YEAR ANNIVERSAY memorial service here in American Samoa. If you send you email address i can send over photos of his gravesite.

I miss him so much!

God Bless,

joan galeai

Unknown said...


Not sure if you will see this. I worked for LtCol Max Galeai and we became friends. He sent me to Samoa to open a Marine Corps Recruiting Station there while I was in charge of recruiting in the Pacific. We traveled a lot together. I think of him often. He inspired me and the Marines of his unit to strive for excellence. I think of him often. He made a difference.

Steve Castonguay
Master Gunnery Sergeant - USMC (ret) (smcastonguay@msn.com)