Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Honor My Friend Shane Patton

I wear my Memorial Bracelet in honor of my friend Shane Patton.  Shane died in Afghanistan defending our freedom during a mission that he volunteered to go on.  Shane was proud of what he was doing and proud to be a SEAL.  In honor of Shane my wife and I decided to name our son after him.  I hope that my son will carry himself the way that Shane did.  By wearing this bracelet I honor, remember, and respect Shane and the sacrifice that he made for our country.  Not only is this a constant reminder of Shane, but it is a reminder of everyone who has made a sacrifice in my behalf.  I hope that all the servicemen and women who see it understand that it is an expression of gratitude to them.  It is a meager offering, but I am grateful for them and their efforts on my behalf.  Remembering those, especially Shane, that have sacrificed so much helps me stay humble and grateful for what I have in life. 

Remembering those that have fallen helps me remember that I enjoy life because of the freedom they defend.  In life, Shane was a great man, but in death his legacy lives on. As long as there are warriors like Shane Patton we will always have have a true and free America.


Anonymous said...

Right on brother! Shane is remembered by many, and is in honored of us all.

Jimmy said...

This is Jimmy, Shane's brother. Thanks bro...