Friday, December 12, 2008

For a Fellow Marine Still Listed as MIA

I received my POW/MIA Bracelet today and I am very proud to wear it. The excellent workmanship and the detail is nothing less than perfect. I have worn a POW/MIA Bracelet since I returned from Viet Nam. The one that I have worn and ordered is for a fellow Marine who is still listed as MIA. This is the fifth and the most outstanding Bracelet I have worn and most definitely the most exquisitely done. I have always been proud to wear a POW/MIA Bracelet especially with the name of someone I served with. When I was looking to replace my very worn Bracelet I found your "Web Site" on the Internet. When I ordered my new Bracelet I was expecting the same standard plain looking Bracelet. When the beautiful Black Bracelet arrived I was so taken by the care, attention to detail and the way the Bracelet was etched and the Marine Emblem was placed I was truly shocked. This Bracelet is truly a work of art and I am sure the time involved making it, the care and workmanship was done by a true craftsman. Thank you for this amazing POW/MIA Bracelet, it is truly appreciated. I have shown it to some friends and they have ordered or will order their next Bracelet from your Company. Thanks again. Semper Fi.  Dennis 1SGT (Ret)

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