Tuesday, September 02, 2008

To Show Our Respect and Pride For Those Who Served

I am not Robert, as he is at work. He was in Vietnam from 72-75. He always had a heart for the ones who were left behind, as no man was supposed to be left behind. He went to get a mask for his CPAP machine and the fellow working there was also in Vietnam. They had a lot in common, and were at some of the same places. He was telling us of his bracelet and how and why he got it (his 2nd). He was very proud of it and we wanted to get one. So we got on the computer to see what we could do. He is so proud to get his and we have been waiting for his, he will be so happy his is coming. It is  of a local boy, where we live now and where we grew up. That made it all the more special. It is a subject that causes some strife some times as he served and some of us think it should have never happened, especially the way the Gov. did to those who did serve. We are all proud for Robert and we will all be getting one in the future to show our respect and pride for those who did serve. God bless all those who serve for our country.
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