Friday, September 26, 2008

For SPC Joshua L. Plocica

I ordered two Memorial Bracelets in memory of SPC Joshua Lee Plocica who was KIA June 25 2008. Joshua was my great nephew, and tho I didn't get to see him often, his death hurt just the same. I am sending one bracelet to his father David and one to my brother Lee (Josh's grandfather) to wear in his honor. I will be ordering one for myself after I get theirs. The war affects me differently now I think. I shed tears more easily now, and the reason is I truly know how it feels to lose someone you love to war. Now I cry for everyone that loses someone they love. All we can do is pray that the war ends soon.
For everyone that has lost someone God Bless You. May they all be Forever In Our Hearts.

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Unknown said...

Josh was my nephew and there is not a day that goes by that I dont miss him so bad and wish I would get another silly email from him.

He was an angel here on Earth and now he is one in Heaven. Rest well Josh and remember that you are always in our hearts and close to us.

I love you,

Aunt Kim