Monday, September 22, 2008

For Capt. Speicher

I received my Memorial Bracelet today and it is - in a strange and sad way -beautiful.  Well made.  Fits perfectly.  But would want that we had no reason to wear them.  I am already proudly wearing it in support of past and present Armed Services members and their families.  I pray that someday Capt. Speicher can be brought home even after all these years. I'm curious as to whether, if he or his remains are ever found, will I know?  I will think of him and all who go into harm's way in my defense often every day.  I have not personally lost a family member to war but my Uncle is a retired Army General, my brother a former Marine, I have a very close friend who was in the Navy.  Capt. Speicher could be any of them.  But even though I do not know him, he was them to someone else.  I think of him, and his family and friends, and all our veterans every time I look at this bracelet. Thank you so much for carrying the tradition forward.

I Googled POW bracelets after seeing John McCain speaking about the one he wears.  I wanted one during the Vietnam War but was too young to know how to go about getting one.  I am proud now to be able to support our troops in this way.

Peace to everyone,


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