Saturday, September 27, 2008

Because I Wore a John McCain POW Bracelet

I was searching the web for POW bracelets because as an elementary student I wore likely the most famous bracelet that there is : the copper John McCain bracelet. I was lucky to have had an aunt whose husband was in the Navy and she had access to the bracelets at their base. I first had the silver colored metal bracelet which broke in half and then got the copper because I was told it had more flexibility. As I got older I recalled at various intervals in my life the memory of the bracelet, and the picture I found in the news paper of John McCain which hung on my bedroom wall till I got married. I never thought there would be bracelets again because I thought wars like that were long gone. Wrong again. I now have two children:10 and 16 year old, and want them to have the memories that I had. Perhaps one day these names will also become famous.  I don't have any pictures. Thanks for the bracelets. 

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