Sunday, September 28, 2008

For My Flag Soldier

On Memorial Day 2006, I was in Memphis, Tennessee with my mother. Out on Germantown Road, they had a field with rows and rows of American Flags. Each flag was on a pole with a gold ball on top. Below the flag was a yellow ribbon tied to the pole. Glued on the yellow ribbon was a business card with the name of the soldier KIA with his city, state and date of death. The flags were for sale. My mother and I each purchased a flag. I have flown that flag every day weather permitted since that weekend, with his yellow ribbon still on the pole.

Then I saw John McCain's acceptance speech as Republican Presidential Nomenee. During his speech, he mentioned the bracelet he wore, and the soldier it represented. I was thrilled to know that the POW /MIA bracelets were still being done for our soldiers. I was also suprised to see that SPC Robert Tucker's name on your list, that no one had chosen his name yet. He is my flag soldier! I immediately ordered the Memorial Bracelet, adding the flag and Army logos to link them.

I have a son that serves in the Army, he has had one tour on Iraq and is beginning his second tour in January. I can not even begin to imagine how Robert's parents dealt with their sons death, but I do know how proud the must have been of their son, because my husband and I very proud of our son. I pray for our troops and for their families every day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to honor one of our countries fallen heros.

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