Sunday, August 31, 2008

For Scott Speicher

I am a member of Rolling Thunder NC1 and I’m retired Air Force, and originally I thought of getting a POW-MIA bracelet with an Air Force member’s info from the Vietnam War.  However, when I found your site and saw what you had to offer I thought to myself, why not honor someone from the war I was a part of.  You see, I entered the service in 1980, and my unit was based in Oman during Desert Shield & Storm.  And that is why I chose to have Scott Speicher’s info on my Memorial Bracelet.

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Anonymous said...

I served as an enlisted Marine during the Persian Gulf War, and I also wear LDCR Speicher Memorial Bracelet. As a Marine, I am appauled that an incident of this magnitude was allowed to occur. It is my belief that this was the first in a career of blunders by Dick Cheney. It is my sincere belief that every unit commander in Speicher's chain of command should be court martialed for, at a miniumum dereliction of duty. There is no excuse for the lack of action, after Speichers plane did not return. Army Col. Jesse Johnson should be held criminally responsible for his lack of action during the war. His command was repsonsible for combat SAR operations. During the war, 35 Allied planes were shot down, search teams were launched for just seven of them. I will always remember Speicher, and how our country let him down.