Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To Always Remember Sgt. Kiser

I ordered Memorial Bracelets for both my husband and I.  We met when he was activated as an army national guard soldier and I was a civilian contractor.  We were both working soldier readiness processing for those going to Iraq.  We had been think of getting these bracelets for a while since we met so many men and women who deployed for our country.  We chose one soldier in particular,  Army Sgt. Timothy Craig Kiser assigned to the Army National Guard's 340th Forward Support Battalion, 40th Infantry Division.  My husband had originally been given orders to deploy and for reasons only the man up stairs knows, this soldier went instead.  We had spent time with him in the months prior to his deployment.  He went to Iraq in January and we found out he was KIA in May, just 5 month later.  To this day, I believe everything happens for a reason and I wanted these bracelets to always remember Sgt. Kiser and all of the other men and women who have given their lives for us and our country.

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Anonymous said...

Hooah SGT.
C/3C Kiser