Friday, October 10, 2008

For Dickie Killed the First Day in Vietnam

Here is my story of why I ordered the Memorial Bracelet of A.A. Lee (Dickie ). Dickie and I were the best of friends in our childhood.  We went to school together, played together, and everything else kids do.  When we reached high school age, we car pooled to school together, double dated, took spring break together, and played in a rock band together. During high school, all we talked about was joining the Marine Corps. When we graduated I was ready, but Dickie wanted to work a year to finish paying off his car. Long story short, I got drafted. After about a year Dickie then joined the Marines. By the time he finished basic training, I was already in Vietnam. Dickie wrote to me saying his first duty assignment was Vietnam. I didn't think there was much of a chance, but what the hell, we might hook up when he got there.  We didn't, Dickie was killed his first day in country.
The way we were treated upon return from Vietnam was not what I expected.  I made a special effort to try to put all thoughts of Vietnam in the farthermost depths of my mind. As bad as it seems, the memory of Dickie accompanied the memory of Vietnam. Now almost 40 years later, I find myself joining The Vietnam Veteran's Motorcycle Club. My ex wife had worn a POW bracelet for a number of years which I always thought was very respectful.  I decided that I would like to see if I could find out if bracelets were still available and if so, I would get one in memory of a POW/MIA from North Carolina.  During my search on the Internet, I found your site.  Much to my delight I found KIA Memorial Bracelets were available.  My order explains the rest. Thank you very much for providing this service and may God bless you and your company.
Gastonia, North Carolina

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