Thursday, October 09, 2008

For SPC William Evans Because He Died on My Birthday

I lost the first one I had, but I got this Memorial Bracelet because last year I did a Sept 11th memorial hike in NH.  It's called flags on the 48.  There are 48 peaks in NH over 4000 feet and every year since the bombing people have hiked in the memorial and flown old glory in honor of those that passed.

I decided to honor a fallen soldier as well this year.   I bought the first bracelet and then when I moved misplaced it somewhere 2 weeks before the hike.  I was able to obtain one from the soldier's mom.  I happened to choose SPC William Evans because he died on my birthday fighting for my freedom.  I also decided to notify his family that their sacrifice is not forgotten.  I didn't want any publicity or special attention for myself, but if your publishing this will promote the hike further for next year then I will gladly except that.  I plan to honor another soldier next year as well as continuing to honor Bill Evans.


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