Saturday, November 29, 2008

To Tell My Buddies That I Will Never Forget Them

I got two Memorial Bracelets to tell my buddies Harris and Elais that I will never forgot them. We all got to the 701st after they had left for Iraq. We were on Rear D together. We had fun exploring Germany together. They were my comrades and my family. They both took care of me like they were my older brothers (I was 18, in Germany, and almost always in trouble). I remember the day I found out Harris died. I was on gate guard at Camp Spiecher. A convoy rolled in and said someone from 12 Chem died. I was sick to my stomach. I knew it was one of my friends. I remember sitting at his momorial; I remembered all those nights Harris knock on my door, wanting to bum a smoke, or asking if I had a phone card. I would give anything for him to knock on my door again. When I left Iraq the first time, it left like we were forgetting someone. It was a happy day and a sad day. I did not hear about Elais right away. I left for Ft. Bragg and lost contact with my buddies. I was in Iraq the second time when I heard about Elais. I was catching up on old times with some friends still in Germany. When Johnson told me, my heart stopped. I remembered when I had alittle to much to drink one night. Elais carried me for a mile home, only to find out that I had locked myself out. I remember waking up on his bed. I looked over and saw that he was sleeping on his floor. He had given me all the pillows and blankets. He looked so uncomfortable. I miss my two older brothers so much. I wish I had them to still watch me and protect me. I will never forgot you guys. I love you guys.

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