Tuesday, April 08, 2003

To Show Support and Love for Our Troops

I received my bracelet and just love it.  Just one more way to show how I feel.   Years ago during the Viet Nam war my brother bought a bracelet, silver, like mine that had the name and rank of a POW.  You were to wear it until your person came home.  Well he was never able to find out if this soldier came home or now.  He still wears this bracelet to this day.  I wish I could find out for him.  

You see our dad was Marine during World War II.  Once a Marine-Always a Marine !  We have always been a very patriotic family.  Always flew a flag !  Since the events of September 11th,  My front porch has had a flag up and has been decorated in Red/White & Blue, year round since that horrific day.  I wanted to show my support for our country and  for President Bush.  I have always worn some type of flag pin (homemade or bought) every single day and yes my little old car even sports a USA car flag.

I ordered the bracelet, as anything I can do as a civilian to show my support and love for our troops, and our Free country, well makes me feel good.  I wish I knew someone that was over there now so I could write to them to give them my support, but I don't.  So I found the Operation Dear Abby site and have been sending e-mails this way to the Marines.  Alot of other people also send e-mails this way. So if you don't have anyone personally you can write to, this at least helps you to feel you do. 

I think your bracelet is a great idea. The engraving is very pretty and the flag is a nice touch.  It's wonderful that the profits are going to this Terrorism Preparedness Fund.  I certainly hope you sell alot of these bracelets. I sometimes feel we have a divided country because of the war and I have heard alot of the soldiers aren't feeling the support of the people.  So sad.  But no one really wants to go to war. No one wants our troops to get wounded or killed and we certainly don't like civilians to get killed.  But in war these things do happen.  Some of our troops have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, her people, and our freedom.  We are a very strong and powerful nation. I thank God we didn't still have the former President at the time. I believe President Bush is a great president and has done what certainly was needed to be done.  I definitely feel we could never have backed down from the events of September 11th.  Our Nation has to stay strong.  I am a proud person and thank you for giving me one more way to show it.  God Bless Our Troops!  and God Bless The USA! - Karon  >^..^<

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