Friday, April 18, 2003

For My Son Serving in the Middle East

I wore a POW bracelet back in the 70's and actually almost got thrown out of gym class because I refused to take it off.  Guess I was true to my convictions even back then.

The bracelets that I ordered from you were in support of my son who is currently serving in the Middle East.  His location is not known, at least by me because the military still views it a "classified".  Although I have spoken with him once and get email from him periodically, I thought that the bracelet to show support for the troops was a wonderful idea.  

Only a week prior to finding your website, I was talking with my husband and asked him if he remembered the POW bracelets and commented that someone should do that again.  Once I receive my bracelet, I will wear it proudly and will take it off at the Air Base when my son comes home and hand it to him to become part of his "memories" to do with as he will.

Pam G.

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