Friday, April 18, 2003

For James Riley

I received my bracelet today. It is absolutely beautiful. I did not expect the engraving to be as detailed as it just sparkles! I am very pleased, it will be something to pass on to my kids and grandkids (whenever that might be)!

I ordered this bracelet in response to the photograph I had seen of James Riley in the April 7th edition of Time magazine. It is a still of the Iraqi broadcast that was aired. I was between sets working out, reading the magazine when I saw his picture. I saw the look on his face and i burst into tears, I could not help myself. It tore my heart out. There were alot of guys working out around me, I had to excuse myself and went to sit by myself in the locker room and pray for him, for all of them. I have prayed for them repeatedly, every day, and now continue to pray for the MIA's. When I came across your sight, I did not hesitate to order from you. I wish they knew how many people's hearts they are in.

Anyway, thank you for a wonderful product, I will wear it proudly in memory of all of our troops and the risks they take for our freedom.

Janet W.

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