Friday, April 04, 2003

To Contribute to the Support of Our Troops

 I received my "Support Our Troops" bracelets yesterday.  I ordered 2 .... one for myself and one for my 12 year old son, Dylan - who is a pure patriot thru and thru !  In our home, cartoons and movies have been replaced with news broadcasts of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  We recognize our troops as the genuine heros and superstars.  Some say it is not healthy for Dylan to be exposed to so much of the war.  I disagree.  It is teaching him the true meaning and cost of freedom.  Since he was 8 year old, Dylan has expressed a genuine desire to become a Marine (following in my father's footsteps) .... and I have no doubt that he will see his dream come true.  Nothing would make me more proud.

We have felt so helpless in the last few weeks, and wanted to do something to feel like we were contributing and supporting our troops.  I accidentally came across your web-site and was so excited to find it.  It brought back memories of my 6th grade year, when our teacher purchased bracelets for each of us that contained the name of either a POW or an MIA during the Vietnam War.  I remember how "important" I felt at 12 years old .... I remember making a commitment to pray daily for the soldier whose name was engraved on my bracelet.  I wish I knew what ever happened to my bracelet and my soldier.  That image is still very vivid in my mind some 30 years later.  And THAT is what I wanted to give to my son .... A sense of pride, importance, commitment, respect and responsibility to our troops, our president and our country.  

We put on our bracelets last night and made a commitment not to remove them until this war is over and our troops are home.  The bracelets will serve as a constant reminder to pray for and support our troops.  It is also our hope that others will notice and inquire about them so that we can share our patriotism.  I suppose it is a small gesture, but it carries with it great meaning.  We are both extremely proud to wear our bracelets as a symbolic expression of our love for our country.  GOD BLESS AMERICA. 

- Sharon & Dylan D.

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