Thursday, April 24, 2003

My Third POW/MIA Bracelet for Shoshana

I chose Shoshana, before she was rescued, because I was also in the Army, back in

the 60s, and also a specialist.

I ordered this bracelet because it will be my third POW/MIA bracelet.  I got

my first one in around 1967, while in the Army.  I wore that bracelet until

the Viet Nam war was over and they released our prisoners.  My person, LTC

Vernon Ligon, was returned home.  I then ordered another bracelet for one of

those who never came back and wore it for a number of years.  It just seemed

right to order another one during this conflict.  At least this time our

POWs were released in short order instead of years later or not at all, with

only a few exceptions so far.  Here's hoping there won't be any, or at least

not too many, more names to add to these bracelets.

Mari D.

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