Saturday, June 21, 2008

To Honor My Friend Saul

I received my Active Duty Bracelet in the mail today to honor my friend Saul who is being deployed for his second tour of duty in Iraq.  I absolutely love my bracelet.  It is beautiful.  I am very proud to be wearing it to honor my very special friend.

The reason that I chose www. Memorial was because you had a wonderful selection to choose from and you had options to make it more personal.  That really impressed me. 

The first time that Saul was deployed I had ordered a bracelet from another company and was disappointed in the quality of it when it arrived, the edges were sharp and you could barely read his name unless you turned it in a certain light. That is not the case with this bracelet.  I will proudly wear this bracelet in honor of Saul and I will be very proud to tell anyone that asks where I ordered it from. Thank-you so much for filling my need.

God Bless You and All Of Our Troops,



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