Wednesday, June 04, 2008

For a Fallen Solder

I love my Memorial Bracelet!  

When Matt Maupin's body was found in Iraq I just felt so touched by the whole story.  I had always thought that he would be coming home.  I followed that story for four years.  When we had word that he had actually died, I wanted to do something-anything to make a difference. When I was reading the online guestbook for his parents I saw that a lot of people had bracelets for him.  So I searched for a website that sold POW/KIA bracelets, and I found your website.  I saw that you also donated a portion of the money from each bracelet.  I feel that by ordering this Memorial Bracelet that I have started to do a small part for families that have lost very special people. 

God bless the troops and the people who made them who they are!!!

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