Monday, June 23, 2008

For My Brother Killed in Viet Nam

My name is Carol. My brother Lcpl Michael P. Minehan was killed in Viet Nam.  I have been wearing a bracelet in memory for him since 1991. It was a birthday gift from a wonderful friend. In fact he bought one for all my family members as well.

I wear it everyday no matter what I am doing, working, golfing, beaching, my daughters wedding, my grandchildrens baptisms, 1st communions etc.  I am never without.  I have gone through 3 bracelets now.  My mom and dad gave me theirs when my original snapped in half. {Which I still have}

When this last one snapped I was very upset and sad. {As I said, I am never without}.  My boyfriend went on line and ordered this for me and what a GREAT surprise it was.

I absolutely love it and so do all my sisters.  I love the pray hands that my boyfriend had placed on it and the fact that it has the place where my brother is listed on the WALL.  What an honor to me that I had a brother who gave his life freely and joined the Marines to go to Viet Nam.

Thank you,

A very proud sister of a Wonderful - courageous selfless Marine


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