Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For my Boyfriend Mike

I was introduced to Capt Mike Nawrosky while he was assigned as aide de camp to the commandant of cadets at West Point. This job is traditionally offered to the most outstanding lieutenants. Mike then was promoted to Captain. An event we celebrated while he was at West Point. We dated exclusively until he left for Vietnam. We wrote to each other Mike was wounded and died as a result of those wounds at Walter Reed Hospital. His last letter came after he was buried at the USMA cemetery. He was awarded Posthumously the Silver Star. Mike's leadership qualities were proven on the battleflied. Even 40 years later, after being married to a wonderful man, having children and grandchildren, I feel so sorry that Mike never got to experience the joys in life. He should never be forgotten. Mike paid the ultimate sacrifice with his life. He had parents and sister and they are deceased now. So, he will live through friends lives that he touched while he was with us. God needed him more. He was always in my heart.
Those memories will be sweeter with the bracelet.

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