Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Memory of Marine Corps S/Sgt Richard E. Mishuk

I received the bracelet last week --- THANK-YOU,

The bracelet remembers Marine Corps S/Sgt Richard E. Mishuk who went MIA/POW on 19 October, 1966.

I wore "his bracelet" every day for nearly 20 years -- only taking it off to sleep and SCUBA dive. (I learned the hard way that sunlight filtering through salt water and then reflecting off these bracelets attract barracuda. Though they seem larger underwater, barracuda are aquatic creatures that are best avoided !!)

Mishuk was from Minnesota, my home state. Though I never met him, we were in the Corps at the same time. When I originally ordered a personal POW/MIA bracelet, I selected his name because of the many connections between us. (near-name, concurrent service in the Marine Corps, home-state.)

I spent 2007 working, as a civilian contractor, in the Marine Corps' headquarters in Fallujah, Iraq. Earlier this year I was med-evaced back to the States. A few personal items disappeared after I left and never caught up with me. My original bracelet was one of those items.

So, after finding your company information on the Internet, the bracelet you sent me is a replacement for one I wore -- and I'm very glad to have it back on my wrist. It's the only "jewelry" I wear.

Take care, and Semper Fi.....


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Anonymous said...

I too wear Richard E Mishuk 's memorial braclet. He has been apart of my life and always on my mind for 15 yrs. I am just now learn more about him and what happend to him.