Friday, June 27, 2008

For my Friends Father

I ordered this Memorial bracelet as I have a very dear friend whom I met in high school. He is one of 3 children. During the relationship, I learned his Father was a Marine and was killed in 1967. His name was Sterling K Coates. I learned this wonderful man had his 2 sons, one only 3 at the time and a daughter he never saw.

Coming from a militay family, I respect and honor our troops and soldiers. I saw what impact it made on the family. Losing such a wonderful, young father. I also learned from his son that there is a book, operation Buffalo that was written about the particular manuevers that took his life.

I was searching for a bracelet, much like the ones they had for Viet Nam soldiers. You would wear a certain soldiers name on a bracelet and wear it until that soldiers made it home. They had POW bracelets etc. I came across this and thought, now that he has 2 sons of his own, he may like to have this to hand down to show his sons what a hero their Grandfather was.

I honor our soldiers and pray every day for their safe return. Without them, we would have no freedom. They are our true heros.


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