Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Hold Steven Heitman in my Heart

I am a married man, with 2 adult children. One is handicapped, 31 years old, and the joy of my life. The other, 28, has twin children (grandbabies to me) one boy and one girl.
They were born Dec 26, 2008. I can only hope that they can somehow have a learned idea of the travesties of the "police action" of Vietnam. I only missed out on being part of it by 2 years, but from the time I was born, to the days of my senior year of high school, all I knew was "Vietnam war". It sucks that it is not recognized as a "war" per se, they are saying that this new war is the longest of modern history, but we all know "nam" was the longest of all!
I wore the Vietnam MIA bracelet with SSGT Steven W Heitman for most of my years of high school. I didn't have near the appreciation for all of the sacrifices that all of the men and women gave, some a little, and some all. SSGT Heitman gave ALL. I only wish I could of given more of myself, and my sole to the battle they all fought for too many years. I praise God that I didn't have to go to Vietnam, but, I praise all who went, lived, and died, for the freedom that we all have today!!
My original bracelet, I wore through high school, has long since been lost (this really sucks!!) if I only would have realized the true meaning, I would have guarded it with my life, but, as a young dumb teen, I only wore it because "everybody" did. I have lots more brain power now, (not always good), but I hold Steven in my heart, and will wear this new bracelet till the Lord calls me home!! I only hope that if your family happens to read this, they will know that somebody else cares for there son!
With true and lasting Love,
Todd K.


Anonymous said...

I, too, wore the bracelet of S/Sgt Steven Heitman all through college. At the time, it was the "cool" thing to do and I didn't have a true understanding of the sacrifices these mena and women and their families made for us. I never tried to find out what happened to him, because I was afraid to think that he never made it home. But many years later, I did look him up and found out he did not make it and I was devastated. My heart goes out to his family and friends, even at this time.
I still have the bracelet. I guess I just could not bring myself to give it up. It is over forty years old and is slightly warn out, but his name is as clear on that bracelet has it has been in my mind. I thank you, Sgt Steven Heitman, for your sacrifice.

Caron B, from RI

Anonymous said...

I too have S/SGT STEVEN HEITMAN Bracelet I wish they could bring him home I was with a Navy Flyer who brought his dad home just 2 years ago It was one of the most moveing days of my life. We need to bring home all our boys>

Anonymous said...

I want to say thank you for wearing my Uncle Steves bracelet. Steve will never be forgotten! Never!


Spearfish, SD

Mike B said...

I also wore SSGT Steve Heitman's bracelet while I was in Catholic grade school in the early 70's. Many of my classmates wore other servicemens bracelets too. Although I've long lost the bracelet, today at age 53 I still remember his name. Rest in peace SSGT Heitman, you'll never be forgotten.

Mike B Newton Falls, OH

Margo said...

I was 10 years old and literally BEGGED my mom to order a bracelet from a ad in The Reader's Digest. I, too, wore SSGT Steven Heitman's bracelet's and grabbed "The Voice" as soon as it came in the mail, hoping to see his name; that he had been found and was coming home. Sadly, that bracelet was lost many, many years ago but I'm now 51 and have never, ever forgotten that man's name and have thought of him often over the years.