Friday, July 09, 2010

To Honor PFC Wayne Bibbs Sacrifice

My husband is active duty Army, and a veteran of 3 wars; the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. We have two teenagers at home. If one of our kids decided to join the Army and follow in Dad's footsteps and, God Forbid, something like this happened to them....I would appreciate strangers honoring their memory in this way. The MIA I chose was 17 year old PFC Wayne Bibbs. I would like to honor this young man's name and sacrifice. I will proudly display his name.

Athena M.
Fort Hood TX.


Anonymous said...


I am a veteran. My father, grandfathers, uncles and cousins are all veterans. I too wear a bracelet bearing Wayne's name. I have had it for 30 years and have worn it nearly every day. I agree with you whole heartily and will proudly, in his honor, display his name.

Montevallo, AL

Anonymous said...

I picked Wayne's bracelet out of a box of them sight unseen at a Flag Memorial I attended. As I read it I got chills due to the fact that he and I shared June 14 as our birthday. I was in the 1st Cav at Hood and always felt I could've been him. The best I can do is have his bracelt permanently attached to the front of my Harley in the hopes he is riding with me. I pray your husband returns safely and God bless you.
John Santy
Philadelphia, PA