Monday, July 12, 2010

For My Cousin Michael Dunn

I wear my bracelet for my cousin Michael Dunn, who was KIA in Vietnam in 1969. I was only 12 but I remember. I figure that as long as one person who remembers his is alive he is not forgotten.
Kevin D.


celestrial said...

I wear my bracelet to show my support and prayers to all who protect our freedoms and their families.GOD BLESS ALL.

Anonymous said...

while looking through my dad's stuff. i came across his ft. benning basic training book from 1966. he had all of his buddies sign their picture, and his buddies that didn't make it he wrote "killed V.N" beside their pic. that's how i found this site. i googled his buddy michael dunn, who signed his picture in the book. not sure if he's the same one, but either way michael dunn is a hero in my book.