Friday, August 13, 2010

For All My Uncles that Served in WWII

I wear my Memorial Bracelet for all my uncles that served during World War II. Only one didn't return after his P-47D had engines problems upon return to his base in Italy. He was a young man who had a promising future after the war, a similar statement about many who served. Researching his history I found a listing of so many other young men who went to war to only last a few weeks before dying. Tragic stories each of them. For me I have to remember those stories, I value my freedom greatly and today our nation is stuck in the muck of hoplessness and war. I believe it is our duty to remind others that there are success stories and the possiblities of what we can do as a nation is tremendous. My Memorial Bracelet is to add value to my uncles and their service and to remind me, that my freedom wasn't free.

Claude A.

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