Friday, February 09, 2007

To Remind Us That History is Repeating Itself

I am a high school teacher who opposes the new, "Vietnam" that is taking place in Iraq. I have counseled many students who come back with recruiters gifts, (key chains, address books, stickers etc.) and are actually thinking of signing up for the military- I do everything I can to convince them that it is a bad idea!

As a small child, I remember watching news reports on the Vietnam war, and I was terrified. I ordered the bracelets for myself and my 15 year old daughter (choosing names of soldiers who were lost on both our birth dates-in my case the exact day I was born). I guess I feel that by wearing a Vietnam POW bracelet I am saying, "don't any of you remember what took place? Well, I remember, and now history is repeating itself, I am against this!

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