Monday, February 26, 2007

To All The Soldiers Who Never Experienced a Homecoming

I found your website through Google; most other sites I visited only sold "random" bracelets or required custom bracelets to be purchased in bulk numbers. Thank you for allowing people to choose a bracelet which has special meaning or significance to them beyond the overall meaning of support and appreciation that all memorable bracelets represent.

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet for two reasons. First off, as a soldier, I wanted to wear a bracelet to show my respect and appreciation for a fellow soldier who, like so many others, was unable to return home to his family. Secondly, I ordered the bracelet so that I cannot let a day go by without stopping to think about the ultimate sacrifice so many others have made; that daily reminder motivates me to push myself and to train to the best of my abilities.

Thank you, and thanks to all those soldiers who were never able to experience the homecoming the rest of us so very much appreciated.


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