Sunday, February 25, 2007

To Remind Everyone Not To Forget

I served in the Army from 1968 to 1971. I never served in Nam which was either fate or luck. I didn't fear it but it just never happened. Returning to civilian life in 1971 was not a great time to be a soldier. I was determined to try and change people's minds about the men and women serving their country regardless what they thought of the conflict they were sent to. Nowadays I think that it is the prevailing thought and that is a good thing.

Shortly after the Army, I was working one day when I commented to a customer about her POW bracelet. She told me the story of her son-in-law who was MIA. I mentioned I was going to get a bracelet and just hadn't got around to it yet. She said she would get me one of her son-in-laws and bring it to me. I've worn that bracelet every day since.

The bracelet has enabled me to meet many people I may not have had the privilege otherwise. Many wonderful people have asked about it and listened to my pitch about "Do Not Forget" those that gave their lives or so much of their lives to defend our freedom. I have even had the honor to meet a former POW Lt. Cdr. Richard "MOON" Mullen. His daughter recognized the bracelet when I welcomed her into the neighborhood and a long friendship ensued. One thing I've learned about these heroes, they are very modest about their sacrifice for our country.

After the POW's were repatriated Cdr. W.P. Yarbrough Jr. was classified as KIA. His mother-in-law decided to move and I never got to visit with her again. I would like her to know I always have worn her gift until February 2007 when my new one arrived. The original one had worn one end down to where it cut things like a razor. It just wasn't safe to wear anymore.

At the invitation of my son , my wife and I visited The Wall in DC several years ago. It was a day in my life I will never forget, watching my son and his mother do a rubbing of the names of Cdr. Yarbrough and Maj. Richard Secanti (my cousin) wells up emotions to this day. I recommend every American should visit the Memorials in our Nations Capitol at least once in their lifetime.

Thank you for making a new bracelet for me. I will continue to remind everyone of some peoples sacrifice.

Oregon City,OR

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

I have been searching the internet on information about my father Maj. Richard Secanti. My name is Ann-Marie Crookham. I am 45 years old and live in az. I work for the airlines and met a man with the last name of Ceccanti years ago. Never kept in contact. I would love any information about my father. I have absoulutely nothing, as my mother doesn't talk about him at all. My email address is You may have met one of my brothers (Chris) as I think he may have driven to meet you. I would love to hear from you. I would love to know anything about my father you can tell me. Thank you!
Ann-Marie Secanti Crookham