Friday, February 16, 2007

For Fellow Canadians Who Have Served

The first bracelet is for my wife. She is an active member of the Canadian Army. She chose to have a bracelet made for the traditional Vietnam POW/MIA/KIA. She chose someone from our home “State” or in our case “Province” - LCpl Kymetyk was MIA - USMC but he was a Canadian.

The second bracelet is to commemorate my buddy MCpl (Master Corporal – US E-5 equiv) Jody Mitic, 1 Bn - The Royal Canadian Regiment (1RCR). He was a sniper with the Cdn Army- Task Force Afghanistan, Roto 2, as a part of OEF. On 11 Jan 07, while on patrol in the Panjwaii district he stepped on an IED/Landmine. He lost both of his legs, below the knee.

He did survive and although this wasn’t a KIA/MIA, I wanted to show the personal loss that Jody suffered as a result of Taleban/terrorist action.

I am an active Soldier as well - served on Roto 0 for the Cdn Army as a part of Op Archer – OEF, in 2005/06.

Thank you,

Paul and Dominique
Petawawa ON

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