Thursday, February 15, 2007

For Those Who Have, Are and Will Sarifice for This Great Country

This bracelet will serve as a reminder for me. When I was deployed in Iraq in June of 03, I was at the same base as William and I remember when he was killed thinking that he will never see his loved ones again, because he was willing to sacrifice, for those without freedom.

Yet in my recent years out of the Army, I take for granted that very same freedom. So now I can look at this bracelet and remember those who have, those who are, and those who will sacrifice, so that I can enjoy this great country and look at my family each night and know that without men and women like William Latham the lively hood that we so enjoy would not exist. I would like to thank you for the bracelets that you make, and know this that when I leave this world I will pass this story on to my son and along with it the bracelet with the name of one among many who is willing to sacrifice. HOOAH!

God bless all that are willing to serve, even if it is not in the ARMY!

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