Friday, December 14, 2007

To Replace My P.O.W. Bracelet for Roger C. Hallberg

Back in 1973 or 74 we had a new girl move into town.  She came from California wearing a nickel plated P.O.W. bracelet.   None of us in Florida had ever seen one and we were all curious.  Of course after she told us what it was all about we all wanted one, so she provided order forms for all who were interested.  I believe the cost of the bracelet at that time was around $5.  Before long, so many of us high school students were wearing our own P.O.W. bracelets to honor Vietnam P.O.W.'s and M.I.A.'s.  I wore my bracelet until it broke - rarely removing it from my wrist.  
Recently, my college student son was in Washington D.C. on a trip.  He  was on his way to visit the memorial wall so I asked him to look up the name on the bracelet I wore in high school.  His name is Roger C. Hallberg and he became missing on 3/24/67.  Well, his name was not on the wall.  I wondered why, so I googled his name and discovered that he was instrumental in saving many lives, but he and his partner were never recovered.  (If you want more details, google him to learn about his final mission.)  He still has not been recovered - like so many other heroes.
I would love to hear from someone in his family.  I'd like them to know that someone they have never heard of or even knew existed was thinking about and praying for their loved one for many years.  He will never be forgotten as long as I am around.  From doing the investigation of Roger on the internet, I came across  I ordered a bracelet with Roger's name on it and am once again wearing his name around my wrist.  (I got a leather one this time.)  I challenge everyone who, like me, wore a bracelet years ago to get an updated bracelet to wear now.
Thanks, Rob, for what you're doing.  Our heroes should never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

My Brother Roger C Hallberg's name is on the VN Wall in Washington DC. I visit it every year, I reach up as high as I can with tears in my eyes and as I am touching it I pray he will return to us. I want to thank you from the bottom of my families heart for wearing his bracelet and supporting our efforts to find our brother.Anne Hallberg

Anonymous said...

I too have a bracket with Roger Hallberg on it. I have kept it after all these years, hoping one day he would return. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, this Memorial Day. Thank you Roger for fighting for our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Hello - Memeorial Day 2014 stopped to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC. I cannot start to describe the feeling as I walked viewing the letters pictures and so many other items people have left for the missing soldiers. It is truly heart stopping
As a young girl my mom ordered us each a bracelet. I still have mine and hoped I would find this gent and return to him the memory bracelet. S/Sgt. Roger Hallberg
Blessings and prayers to all the family.
The bravery to all the soldiers past and present that fight for our freedom.
Thank you!