Saturday, December 01, 2007

So we Never Give up Hope for Pvt. Byron Forty

I am from the State of Michigan. I have attended every vigil held on behalf of Pvt. Byron Fouty, since his capture on May 12, 2007. The vigils are held in his honor, so that we never forget or give up hope. His family misses him terribly and I will wear it proudly, as a remembrance to him in his honor. I am also a Blue Star Mother, with a son also currently serving as a 10th Mountain soldier.


Anonymous said...

I was stationed at 2/22 Inf Bat at Ft Drum, NY for over 5 years. Alot of my fellow soldiers from basic training ended up down at 4/31. I never had the honor of meeting Byron but as with every soldier I consider him my brother. I purchased a memorial bracelet with Byron's information on it, and I will be wearing it proudly until the day he comes home. You are not forgotten.

Sgt. Donovan Gosney

Anonymous said...

I heard the tragic news tonight, that Byron was found. I wish his family strength in their time of need. Although this is tragic news, I'm glad they are finally bringing this soldier home.

Sgt Donovan Gosney.