Friday, December 21, 2007

To Support Vietnam MIA Colonel Whitford and His Family

When I was in high school, in Richardson, Texas in 1974 / 1975, I had a very good friend named Nancy Whitford.  She lived with her mother and older brother in Dallas.  I became aware, that her father was missing in action in Vietnam.  The family still held out hope, because POWs were still being held in North Vietnam at that time.  Mrs. Whitford granted me an interview for the high school newspaper.  During that interview, I was made aware of the details of his last mission and the clues which made her think that he was still being held prisoner.  I vividly remember, the special days, where the Whitford family would gather to listen to some reel to reel tapes that Colonel Whitford had sent home.  My friend Nancy, would have been about 10 or 11 years of age, when he was flew his final mission.  I always felt very bad for the family and I read each new finding report from southeast Asia, hoping that one day, they will receive the news which will give them closure.   I have always wanted a MIA bracelet, supporting Colonel Whitford and his family.  I thank you very much for the opportunity to get one.  That damn war has greatly affected my life and my feelings for the government of this country.  But that is nothing, compared to the pain of my friend and her family.


Frisco, Texas

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