Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Memory of Raphael Killed in Iraq

The Memorial Bracelet I ordered is of someone I watched grow from a 2 year old until he turned 15 then my ex and I split in 1994 and that was the last time I saw him and just lost contact with the family. How I heard that he was killed in Iraq was during our lunch break at work, and his name flashed across the screen. I immediately called the family and sent them my heartfelt condolensences. I often think about Raphael I wish I had the chance to see him grow into the fine man he was, he has left behind 3 children his last he never got to meet because he was killed 2 days before he was to go home. I have been wearing this bracelet everyday since I received it so I can feel close to him as I was when he was alive. God bless you Raphael, someday we'll meet again in the arms of an angel.

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