Thursday, May 29, 2008

For the 3 SF Solders I was With When They Died

I am a US Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controller (I tell all kinds of aircraft where to drop bombs, shoot guns, etc) who supports the US Army Special Forces.  I have deployed to combat seven times in my career, five since 9/11.  I have known quite of few Special Forces soldiers who died, but I was never with them when it happened.  This last time I was deployed in Iraq, three SF soldiers I was with died.  I knew all three personally having trained with them and being on their Forward Operating Bases (I was moved around to three locations in my seven months, since my skill is both highly desired but there aren't too many of us).

Sergeant Major Brad Connors, Sergeant First Class Adrian Elizade and Sergeant First Class Nate Winder were my friends.  The bracelets will be my small way of remembering them as well as a conversation piece so others who see them will never forget that we all care.

Master Sergeant Lance

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