Thursday, May 08, 2008

In Memory of my Cousin Christine

Hi, My name is Jenny. My husband is currently in the Army and we are stationed in Germany. He wears three different Pow/Mia braclets to remember other service members that have been listed as missing in action to honor their memory so that their story is remembered and their sacrafice never forgotten. When I was just 18, my cousin Christine. L. Mayes was killed in the Gulf War better known as Operation Desert Storm. I went on the site and found her name listed there. I wanted to wear it so that I could honor her service and memory just like the other unfortunate soldiers who lost their lives so tragically, so that what she gave up wouldn't be forgotten and could be remembered. It's a great cause and I'm glad to do my small part. She was a distant cousin that I only met once. They lived in Rochester, while I lived in Franklin. I started work at a local amusement park where I met her sister Pam and we became good friends never knowing that we were cousins. We met again at Christine's funeral. It was really hard watching my friend and cousin bury her sister and at the same time realizing that a life so young could be taken so quickly. Christine was honored with full military burial, and I couldn't help but be touched by the ceremony honoring her for giving the greatest sacrifice anyone can give! I am proud that such a brave soldier represented our country but also to learn that that same soldier represented a part of my huge family is an honor. My husband as well as other family members and many friends are soldiers as well and I am one of many that hope to never have to deal with a loss like hers!!!

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