Thursday, May 01, 2008

For Joseph "Goody" Goodrich, my Girlfriends Friend

I wanted to write to you real quick to tell you a little info about the Memorial Bracelet I ordered. My girlfriend, soon to be fiancee, is a nurse and has just secured a job with the Veterans Affairs Hospital in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Being a "civilian", one of her patients was telling her she didn't understand loss and brotherhood.

She explained she had lost a friend in the Iraqi Freedom efforts and how "Goody" (Joseph Goodrich), her and I all worked together. We were police officers in a local amusement park over the summer months and she was a medic in the same park. We worked 16 hour shifts usually 7 days a week during the summer. And it definitely wasn't for the money, it was because we worked closely with great friends we all trusted.

Ssgt. Goodrich "Goody" was a wonderful man that was larger than life. We all miss him and are very proud of him. He fearlessly made a decision to fight for his country and made the ultimate sacrifice because of his honor and beliefs. These are attributes that us "civilians" learn to emulate through his memory. We feel that wearing this bracelet will not only keep the memory of Goody alive, but also show that this conflict has effected all of us in some way, soldier and civilian alike.

Thank You. Thanks for doing what you do and taking a minute of your time to hear a little bit about a great man. As I'm sure every man and woman listed here was.

Take care and God Bless.

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