Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Way For Us To Have Him Close

I met the soldier, Capt Eric Allton, back when we were teenagers. We quickly became close friends and then high-school sweethearts. During this time, his parents became like my second set of parents. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, we ended up going our separate ways after highschool, and ended up marrying people we met at our respective colleges. However, we stayed in contact throughout the years (over 15 years), and I've stayed in close contact with his parents as well. Communication over email made it seem like he was just next door -- regardless of whether he was state-side (in the same state where I live), or across the US, or even across the world. Therefore, his death in Iraq has devastated not only his own immediate family, but had drastic effects on my family as well. I've ordered these bracelets for Eric's parents, as a way for them to have him "close", even though he is in Heaven now, watching over all of us.

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