Wednesday, July 12, 2006

To Show How I Feel About 911

My reason for this bracelet starts with my lack of emotion for 911. That day completely caught me off guard. I knew that it was terrible. I knew that everyone's lives changed that day. I guess with such an overload of emotion running through me, I couldn't cry. I hated that I couldn't cry, I couldn't make myself cry. I felt that my body needed to cry in the worst way. 2 and 3 years later we all went through the brutal beheadings of innocent victims of terrorism. When Paul Johnson's story came on the news and that he was awaiting execution, is when 911 happened all over again in my heart...I don't know if it was the straw that broke the camel's back or what, but a flood of emotion hit me quite hard that day. That time I felt everything I didn't feel on 9/11 that I should have. My heart broke to see Paul's son on the Today show talking with Matt Lauer begging for his father's life. I decided from that point on that I would not forget Paul Johnson. I know that he was a loved father. I will carry his name proudly on my wrist.

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