Thursday, December 27, 2001

To Honor the Common Man Who Has Made Such Uncommon Sacrifices

I have 3 POW/MIA bracelets.  My first soldier was one of the first 3 POW's to be released back in the early 70's.  My second was also released an my third, I believe, is deceased KIA.  I received my Memorial Bracelets and they are beautiful.  All I knew was that I wanted a fireman.  I also got a bracelet for the Port Authority dog, Sirius, that was lost.  It's perfect for me because I used to train service dogs and everyone thinks of me with a dog.

I alternate wearing my 2 Memorial Bracelets and once each year, usually in August around POW/MIA day, I wear all of my POW/MIA bracelets.  I just want to honor the common man who has made such uncommon sacrifices in his/her life so that I can have a life of freedom and joy.

Valerie D.

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