Sunday, December 23, 2001

For the 2 Family Members Lost on September 11th

The reason I purchased a VOT Memorial Bracelet is that I lost 2 family members on September 11, 2001. Their laughs will never been heard again, their smiles are gone except for what is in our minds, and their warmth will no longer be felt.  It is in the bracelet that their memory will be carried.  

There is not closure in an empty casket, a shovel full of dirt just isn't the same.  They went with such horrific pain and sorrow around them.  My prayers is that they went fast without sufferage. They were always loved and will always be in our minds. When I saw your bracelet offered it was the nicest on seen on the net.  I will wear it proudly until the terrorists are caught and prossucated.  May their memories live forever and love never be forgotten. United we stand and cannot forget that. We shall all stick together through this hard time and we will succeed. 

Bubba S. 

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