Tuesday, December 11, 2001

For an FDNY Hero I Didn't Know - Thomas Foley

When I got my bracelet I was surprised by the emotional impact it had when I put it on.  It became one of those sacred things that I don't take off.  During the Viet Nam war we wore bracelets with POW or MIA names on them.  I wore my until the name on my bracelet was found and returned safely to the states.  While I hated the war and was profoundly against it, I respected those who served and protected me.

Not I find myself at the beginning of a whole new fresh century that has not started out really great for any of us.  Again I find myself wearing yet another bracelet of another hero, but this time he won't be found alive.  I guess I'll have to wear this one a bit longer.

My dilemma is that I wear the name of a FDNY hero whom I know nothing about.  Just a name.  Is there anyway I can find out something about him, an address to send condolences to his family or a Christmas card.  If I am going to wear this bracelet for a long time to come, I want to know about the man who I essentially watched perish in September.  I would like to honor him by knowing about him and what he stood for.  His name was/is Thomas Foley.  

Bob J. 

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