Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For Larry J. Stephens

I purchased a POW Bracelet for Lt. Larry J. Stephens, Vietnam, in the late 80's and I wore it faithfully for many years. I put it back on for a few months every year and I think of him often. I never knew him, but I am hoping he returns. I "visit" him at The Wall when I am in DC and I have I a rubbing of his name encased in a frame with my Uncle's field map. I have an awesome shirt with his name on it and I actually met his Aunt many years ago in a fluke way as she was selling the shirts in front of The Wall. You need to Google him....his story is fascinating to say the least. 

I also wear two other Memorial Bracelets.... One in memory of all 52,0000+ who never returned and one in memory of a friends' father who died in The Towers on 9/11. I think wearing these bracelets keeps these people alive in the hearts and minds of the people I come across who ask me about them. I wear mine with pride!

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