Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For Capt. John T. West

I've had my 1st bracelet in 1972. I heard about them on a NYC radio WNEW 102-7 FM. You could buy them through the mail at Madison Ave, NYC. In my job I couldn't wear them for safety reasons, and I kept breaking them. I always bought a new one with the same persons name on it, Capt. John T. West, MIA. When the war ended, I sent the bracelet back to be returned to the family. I didn't know whether he was found or returned. Hard to get info back then. Fast forward to now and heard about Memorial Bracelets and I checked out the site and found the Captain's name
in the MIA column. Needless to say it was a heartbreak to see the Captain's name there. I ordered one with his name on it and wear it every day. Hoping some day his family can get closure. My son is getting deployed to Afghanistan in August. My nephew is returning as I write this tribute to Capt. John T. West.

Thanks for your time and Bracelet

Jim D.

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Sunny said...

Hi, I am married to Capt West's son who he never got to meet. Today is the 49th anniversary of the plane being shot down, and I was looking for something when I came across this post. Captain West was never found and was eventually declared KIA. His sister biked across Canada this summer on a mission of peace in honor of her brother. Here is a link to her video. http://bit.ly/PeaceBikeRideGWRCanada