Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Some Would Say That Only The Buildings Collapsed, But A Part Of The Greatest City In The Greatest Country In The World Collapsed That Horrific Morning

My friend from childhood, Stephen Lamantia, died on September 11 while working for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 102nd floor. No remains of Steve were ever found. He left a wife and two young children.

My father and uncles and many friends are or were NYC policemen and firemen and I felt the pain of the families that I saw on television or read about in the newspapers. I was born in the Bronx and went to college in Brooklyn at L.I.U. I remember looking over the bridges and seeing the Towers as if they were there forever. I can not think of the skyline without them. I now live in Syracuse and it is only 300 mile from the city, it is a world away to many of the people up here. Some would say that only the buildings collapsed, but a part of the greatest city in the greatest country in the world collapsed that horrific morning! Many innocent people and unknowing heroes were taken from us that day. My 6 year old son's birthday is September 12 so it is a bittersweet time of the year for me.


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