Monday, April 25, 2005

Celebrating The Life Of A soldier I Had Met

I work as a gate agent for a major airline at a hub where charter flights bring the soldiers home from Iraq for 2 weeks of R and R. Hundreds of them then connect to flights to their homes; we announce that we have “some VIP passengers with us today and would like to offer our uniformed military personnel to pre-board at this time” and they always get a warm round of applause from the other passengers. One day, I was working a flight to Austin, Texas and I had one soldier on it. My daughter goes to school there and I began chatting with the young man about going home, the city, his family, etc. Unfortunately, first class was full, but he was able to board first and with the usual applause. On board, a first class passenger offered his seat to the young soldier, again, much applause for him as he moved up to the first class cabin. I said good-bye to him, wished him a great visit and when he went back to Iraq, to please come home safely again. When I ordered my bracelet from you, I saw that you could pick a specific soldier’s name and I decided to find one from Texas, since that is where I make my home. You can only imagine my heartbreak when there, among your list, was the name of the young man I had spoken with on that flight home just a few months ago.



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