Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It Will Remind Me To Help Others As He Wanted To Do

I'm an old Vietnam veteran and I remembered the POW/MIA bracelets of that time and wondered if anyone still made them. I was pleased to find that bracelets were available to honor our fallen heroes who gave their lives for us in Iraq.

I briefly met Paul Nakamura through a mutual friend several years ago. Even though our meeting was very short, I was impressed by him. He was a confident young man, well spoken, polite and a credit to his family name. His dream in life was to help others; He wanted to be a male nurse and needed money for school, so he joined the Army Reserve as a Medic. He said the training that he received as a Medic would also help him in his civilian job as a male nurse.

When I found out that he lost his life serving us I started trying to find a way to honor his memory; By wearing a bracelet with his name on it I will be reminded daily of his sacrifice for us and it will also remind me to help others when I can. Paul T. Nakamura is a True American Hero to me!

Thank you for the great service that you make available to us so we can honor our Heroes!


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